Elisabetta Foradori – Italy (Azienda Agricola Elisabetta Foradori)

May 14, 2018

Name: Elisabetta Foradori

Elisabetta Foradori

Currently: Winemaker at Azienda Agricola Elisabetta Foradori

Website: www.elisabettaforadori.com


Please, tell us about how you got into wine, the wine industry and how your career developed?

It is family history, I got into wine when I was 19 and my father died. My life into the wine world was and is a standing evolution, a dynamic passion to nature and the vine.

What is your philosophy to making wine and viticulture?

Respect yourself, the nature and the pure expression of your terroir. Be free and express the true.

Which cultivar is your favourite to work with and why?

The variety I work with: Teroldego and Nosiola. They are the way to let express my territory

How do you see the future of wine production and what are the challenges and the opportunities?

I hope in the future viticulture will respect the soil and the fertility of the earth, promoting biodiversity and no monoculture. I will encourage the

respect and the save of the old tradition in Europe and in the original place of the wine culture (Caucasus etc).

Where do you see the global wine market in 2025?

No Idea

Elisabetta Foradori


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