November 10, 2018
  • With 282 million hectolitres (mhl), 2018 vitivinicultural production is one of the highest since 2000.
    ●In Europe: Italy (48.5 mhl), France (46.4 mhl) and Spain (40.9 mhl) recorded very high production levels. Germany (9.8 mhl), Romania (5.2 mhl), Hungary (3.4 mhl) and Austria (3.0 mhl) have also forecasted harvests above their 5-year averages. Portugal (5.3 mhl) and Greece (2.2 mhl) were the only countries to see a decrease in production compared with 2017.
    ●Production levels in the United States (23.9 mhl) have remained stable for 3 years.
    ●In South Africa, drought significantly impacted 2018 production (9.5 mhl).
    ●South American production levels were very high. In Argentina (14.5 mhl) vinified production increased by 23% compared with the previous year, and in Chile (12.9 mhl) it grew by 36%. Brazil (3.0 mhl) reached a high level, even if its production fell compared with the very strong 2017 production.
    ●Australian wine production (12.5 mhl) declined compared with that of the previous year and New Zealand production (3.0 mhl) remained at a very high level.


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