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May 29, 2023


The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) is a nonprofit organization founded in Reims in 1969 as an umbrella organization to raise the bar for restaurant service professionals internationally. While its historical roots are in Europe, ASI is now represented on 6 continents.

Every three years, it holds a competition in an international city and names a person as the best sommelier in the world: the World’s Best Sommelier Contest

ASI’s members are not individual sommeliers, but rather national sommelier associations themselves.

With 61 national associations as full members and 5 observer countries.


ASI is entrusted from the roots up with a clear mission:

* To promote the establishment of one central sommelier association per nation
* To coordinate tools and measures to advance the profession ASI Diploma
* To educate consumers on the role of the sommelier
* To defend the ethics of the profession

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Elected Board of Directors are:



William Wouters

from Belgium

Secretary General

Nina Basset (Interview)

from the UK

Deputy Secretary-General

Julie Dupouy-Young (Interview)

from Ireland


Philippe Faure-Brac

from France

Deputy Treasurer

Samuil Angelov

from Finland

Vice-president for Asia & Oceania

Saiko Tamura-Soga

from Japan

Vice-president for Africa & Middle East

Michèle Aström Chantôme

from Morocco

Vice-president for Europe

Piotr Kamecki

from Poland

Vice-president for the Americas

Marcos Flores Tlalpan

from Mexico

ASI Committees:

  • Director: Claire Berticat (Belgium)
  • Social Media & Communication: Yeniya Volosnikova (Kazakhstan)
  • ASI Mag Editor: Mark DeWolf (Canada)
  • Contest communication manager: Liora Levi (Norway) – Interview
  • Translation support: ASI Ambassador: Michèle Aström Chantôme (Morocco)
  • Press Office: Barbara Wanner (Germany)
  • Translation support: Manuel Negrete (Mexico)
  • Director: Higgo Jacobs (South Africa)
  • Gèrard Devos (Belgium)
  • Michel Hermet (France)
  • Georgios Kassianos (Cyprus)
  • Director: Ricardo Grellet (Chile)
  • Samuil Angelov (Finland)
  • Alba E.H. Hough (Iceland)
  • Higgo Jacobs (South Africa)
  • Renata Moreti (Chile)
  • Director: Heleen Boom (Netherlands)
  • Sarah Andrew (Australia)
  • Albe E.H. Hough (Iceland)
  • Jorald Julie (Mauritius)
  • Jan Konetzki (UK)
  • Mirko Pastorelli (Italy)
  • Co-Directors: Olivier Poussier (France) & Shinya Tasaki (Japan)
  • Coordination: Saiko Tamura-Soga (Japan)
  • Logistics: Dejan Zivkoski (Serbia)
  • Paolo Basso (Switzerland)
  • Markus Del Monego (Germany)
  • Serge Dubs (France)
  • Andreas Larsson (Sweden) – Interview
  • Paz Levinson (Argentina / France)
  • Heidi Makinen (Finland) – Interview
  • Veronique Rivest (Canada)
  • Arvid Rosengren (Sweden)
  • Director: Sören Polonius (Sweden)
  • Marc Almert (Germany)
  • Nelson Chow (Hong Kong)
  • Celia Hay (New Zealand)
  • Maria Laura Ortiz (Argentina)
  • Beàta Vinkovà (Slovakia)
  • Director: Giuseppe Vaccarini (Italy)
  • Logistics: Alberto Merico (Italy) & Jean-Vincent Ridon (Zimbabwe)
  • Proofreading EN: Romanè Basset (UK)
  • Michèle Chantôme (Morocco)
  • Leo D`Addazio (Venezuela)
  • Andreas Matthidis (Greece)
  • Edwin Raben (Netherlands)
  • Saiko Tamura-Soga (Japan)
  • Kristjan Markii (Estonia)
  • Ene Ojaveski (Estonia)

Since 1969 – The World`s Best Sommeliers

2023 – France – Raimonds Tomsons (Latvia)

2019 – Belgium – Marc Almert (Germany)

2016 – Argentina – Jon Arvid Rosengren (Sweden)

2013 – Japan – Paolo Basso (Switzerland)

2010 – Chile – Gerard Basset (UK)

2007 – Greece – Andreas Larsson (Sweden)

2004 – Greece – Enrico Bernardo (Italy)

2000 – Canada – Olivier Poussier (France)

1998 – Austria – Markus del Monego (Germany)

1995 – Japan – Shinya Tasaki (Japan)

1992 – Brazil – Philippe Faure-Brac (France)

1989 – France – Serge Dubs (France)

1986 – Italy – Jean-Claude Jambon (France)

1983 – Belgium – Jean-Luc Pouteau (France)

1978 – Portugal – Giuseppe Vaccarini (Italy)

1971 – Italy – Piero Sattanino (Italy)

1969 – Belgium – Armand Melkonian (France)

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